Play Flash Craps

If you want to play the game of craps online you’ll find that there are hundreds of different options for you to choose from. It seems that there are new online casinos starting up every day, too.

Unfortunately, a lot of these sites require you to download software to play the games. This casino software can often slow down your computer and make it run very slowly due to memory issues. Flash technology will allow you to play the games that you love without the memory hogging issues.

* Make sure that you check any online casino bonus before you accept it. Most will not allow bets on craps when using the bonus or else the bets won’t be counted towards the wagering requirement *

Bovada Casino

bovada-crapsThis is a site that has a huge online presence. There are many different opportunities to interact and play on these site, Flash Craps is just one of the many things that the website offers in addition to all other casino games and sports betting. When you choose casino games you will be taken to an area where you can choose the game you want to play.

When you click on Bodog craps you’ll have the opportunity to play for real money or play for fun. From here the game will load and you can begin playing. It really is that easy! If you are looking for a destination website where you can bet on just about anything you can imagine from table games to horse races, this might be the best Flash website for you.

It’s plain to see that there are a lot of different options to choose from where Flash sites are concerned. Which Flash Craps site is right for you will depend on what else you like to do. Each of these offers a nice selection of games, fast loading times, and quick graphics so you really can’t go wrong with any of them.

WinPalace Casino

WinPalace Casino - CrapsThere are many well known online casinos and WinPalace is just one of them. This site is well known for their high quality gaming experience that is not only offered through their downloaded software but also through their Flash craps. The graphics are state of the art. You can play with a “fun balance” or you can play with real money once you deposit funds into your WinPalace Casino account. The graphics are such that you won’t have to guess what any one thing means or what you would do at any one point in the game.

Cool Cat Casino

CoolCat - USA players accepted (400% Bonus + $50 Free)This is yet another reputable but lesser known online casino for you to play Flash craps with. Here you can play many games, including Craps. If you don’t want to download their software you don’t have to, instead you can play Flash craps. The site offers a great selection of Flash games that load quickly. You can choose to play these flash games with a fun balance, or if you have an account with the site you can play for real money. The site gives you plenty of different options for playing Flash craps.

Craps for Beginners

If you are a beginner at craps, you may find the flash game above confusing. This post is going to be a practical tutorial for playing the craps game above, which can also be played at You will be able to see a step-by-step instructions so you can get started.

Once you learn how to play craps, you should take a look at several other posts that I have written such as How to Bet, Money Management and Online Craps for Money.

Getting Started

I have the following picture numbered between 1 and 10. These are the first things that you need to know about on the table with this game:


1) The chips that you are betting when you click on the table. Click on the chip to remove it or change the amount.

2) The chip sizes that you can bet. Click on a chip here and it will be added to the chip stack (1).

When you decide to place a bet on the table, you will place the chip stack that you have created on that spot. If the area is shaded Green, then you can place the chips on this bet. If the area is shaded Red, you cannot place the chips on this bet.

3) Once you have placed a bets, you can remove an individual bet by clicking the Remove button. This button will light up, indicating that any chips that you click on the table will be removed. To place additional bets, click on the Remove button again and it will be deactivated.

4) If you would like to start over and place new bets, click the Clear All button and it will remove all bets from the table.

5) If you lose your bets or the winning bets are removed, you can click the Repeat button and your previous bets will be placed again.

6) Once you have placed at least one bet, you can click the Roll button. The Roll button will light up when you place a bet, indicating that you are allowed to roll the dice.

7) The Pass Line is the most common bet in Craps. This bet can be won on the first roll if you roll a 7 or 11. It can be lost if you roll a 2, 3 or 12. Otherwise, the On/Off Button (9) will switch from Off to On and a point will be established.

8) The Don’t Pass Bar is the opposite bet from the Pass Line. If a Pass Line bet wins, the Don’t Pass Bar bet loses.

9) The On/Off Button indicates what stage of betting is available. If a point (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10) is established on the Come Out roll (first roll), the button switches to On. When the point is won or lost, the button switches to Off.

Once a point is established, some of the bets are closed (Pass Line, Don’t Pass) and other bets will be opened (Come, Don’t Come, Pass Odds, Don’t Pass Odds, Big 6, Big 8). In order for the On/Off Button to switch back to Off, either a 7 is rolled and Don’t Pass is won or the point is established and the Pass Line is won.

10) The Field Bet is a one roll bet that can be placed at any time. You are basically betting that the four most common combination of dice (5, 6, 7, 8) will not be rolled. This is the only one roll bet that I would suggest you play if you are going to wager on craps with real money.

The other half of the board includes other one roll bets. All of these bets have long odds that has a significant advantage towards the house. This includes Any Seven, Any Craps, Hardway bets, and the E-C (Eleven-Craps) bets. If you are playing for fun, you can try these bets out; but don’t play them if you are betting real money.

Place Bets

craps-place-betsThe other bets that you can wager at any time are the Place bets. The image above shows where one of these bets. The middle of the numbers are reserved for the Come and Don’t Come bets. The two spaces above and below the numbers are the Place Bets.

The Place Bets includes (from top to bottom): Lay bet, Place to Lose bet, Place bet, Buy bet. The Lay and Place to Lose bets are bets that this number will not be rolled before a 7 is rolled. The Place and Buy bets are bets that this number will be rolled before a 7.

Buy and Lay bets include a 5% commission paid to the house for winning bets. The advantage that you receive is better payout odds that make these bets slightly better. For the purposes of this game, you won’t notice a difference between the Lay/Place to Lose or Buy/Place bets.

The Big 6 and Big 8 bets are also considered Place Bets. However, these bets should never be played because the Place 6/8 or Buy 6/8 give better odds. If you feel like you want to place a Big 6 or Big 8 bet, go with the Place or Buy bet instead.

Taking Odds

craps-taking-oddsTaking odds is the best available bet in craps. This is a way to go double or nothing on your bet on the point without any house advantage. It isn’t always offered, but you can utilize this bet with the craps game offered at Bovada.

1) Pass Odds – If you roll a 6 or an 8, you may want to double down and play the pass odds. It is located directly below the Pass Line bet. It can only be wagered if you have a Pass Line bet in play.

2) Don’t Pass Odds – If you roll a 4 or a 10, you may want to double down and play the don’t pass odds. It is located directly below the Don’t Pass Bar bet. It can only be wagered if you have a Don’t Pass Bar bet in play.

3) Come Odds – If you have a Come point established, you can place a Come Odds bet directly next to it. It can only be wagered when you have a Come bet in play.

4) Don’t Come Odds – If you have a Don’t Come point established, you can place a Don’t Come Odds bet directly next to it. It can only be wagered when you have a Don’t Come bet in play.

There you have it. These are all of the basics that you will need to know to play craps effectively.

Free Craps Bonus

One of the most difficult things to locate is an online casino that offers a bonus for people who play craps. Most of the best online craps sites don’t offer bonus money for this casino game. There are a couple of reasons for this:

1) There is a very low house advantage with certain bets (see previous post). This means that the casino may come close to losing money naturally without giving a player more money to bet with. Games like slots and keno have a high house advantage, which is why casinos offer those players bonuses.

2) People have the capacity to cheat on the wagering requirements. They do this by betting on Pass and Don’t Pass or Come and Don’t Come at the same time. Obviously, either one or the other has to occur. People would bet on both so they couldn’t lose while trying to finish the wagering rollover. Of course casinos check for this type of activity and ban players who do it; but this is one of the reasons that craps online bonus money is so rare.

Even in European online casinos, where the bonuses tend to have better terms, lower wagering requirements and less excluded games, you will only see a couple of bonuses that include craps.

Which online casino offers a craps bonus?

I have only found two in my time searching, which is why I usually don’t accept a bonus if I want to play craps.

lucky-red-crapsLucky Red Casino – They offer a 55% bonus on any deposit that you make if you use the coupon code: OTHERGAMES55 before you make your deposit. Deposit $200 and receive $110 extra to play with.

There is a 25x rollover with this bonus, however craps bets only count 60% towards this goal. That makes the rollover for craps close to 42x. Deposit $200 and you will need to wager ($200 + $110) x 42 or a little over $13,000 before you can request a cash out.

bodog-crapsBodog Casino – The only other craps bonus I can find is the 10% instant bonus offered at Bodog Casino. On your first deposit, you will automatically receive 10% extra on top of your deposit. This is a cashable bonus that allows craps.

There is a 15x wagering requirement with this bonus. If you deposit $300, you will receive a $30 bonus; you must wager ($300 + $30) x 15 or $4950 before requesting a cash out. Craps is allowed except you are not allowed to bet on opposites.

How to Bet

Learn How to Win Playing Craps at Online Casinos

How to Bet in Craps

Forget at betting at those sequences that pay out big money. The odds of getting that exact number at online casinos are slim. Note that because your chances re low, the odds of the online casino (house) winning is greater.

Sure – you could experience the tremendous rush of spontaneous high bets, but don’t complain if your wallet empties out in exactly the same manner.

Since you want to profit, and not just lose it all, I suggest you play rationally and efficiently. On the other hand, if you just want to have fun no matter what – play away.

Betting thoughtfully at online casinos

1. Odd Bets: you can decrease the online casinos odds almost by 50%. Though you might lose your money rather rapidly, you also stand a greater chance of winning.

2. ‘Come Bet Odds’ Bet or ‘Pass Line Odds’ Bet – you don’t change the odds of throwing the Seven or the Point, but the sum you might win becomes larger. I’ll explain. Let’s say you bet $100 (a Pass Line bet) and the shooter’s roll of the dice gets you that. If you strengthen your earlier bet by adding a $100 Pass Line odds, bet on the point and you win; you will earn $220 to $300.

3. Don’t Come Odds / Don’t Pass Odds: – Use this strategy to increase your sum amount when you are betting against the player. The chances are higher that the shooter will throw a seven than the point so you won’t get a lot of money.

I’ll explain: Let’s say that I bet $100 using a don’t pass wager and the shooter’s roll of the dice establishes a point. If I back up my bet with a ‘don’t pass odds’ bet of $60 and the dice shows seven, I will have gained $130 to $150, depending on the point.

4. The most attractive numbers to bet on are six and eight since the odds that these numbers will fall are great. But heed this: the amount you will win on these isn’t very large.

5. The odds of the other numbers falling are as follows:
- for 7 are 6 in 36 or 16.7%
- for 4 or 10 are 3 in 36 or 8.3% vs. 16.7% for a 7 and the payoff is 9 to 5
- for 5 or 9 are 4 in 36 or 11.1% vs. 16.7% for a 7 the payoff is 7 to 5
- for 6 or 8 are 5 in 36 or 13.9% vs. 16.7% for a 7 the payoff is 7 to 6

6. You could lay wagers called “lay bets” (the exact opposite of Buy bets). You have improved your odds but will be charged five percent for all your winnings. The odds are as follows:
- for 7 are constant at 6 in 36 or 16.7%
- for 5 or 9 are 4 in 36 or 11.1% vs. 16.7% for a 7 the payoff is 2 to 3
- for 6 or 8 are 5 in 36 or 13.9% vs. 16.7% for a 7 the payoff is 5 to 6

7. You can get a six (Big Six) or an eight (Big Eight) in five ways and a seven in six ways. But this is not a good bet because you will only win evenly because you have six ways of losing compared to five ways of winning.

8. A payoff of only seven to one: by betting on a hard 4 or a hard ten. These can be rolled only in one way and this means that you have eight ways to lose and only one to win. Not a great bet.

One Roll Bets at Online Casinos

Though guaranteed to give you a great rush while surfing online casinos, this will also lose you huge amounts of money. (unless you are lucky on that particular day)

1. Seven – A payoff of 4 to 1. Your odds are pretty high. (6 against 30 to win)
2. Crap Bets – A payoff of 7 to 1. Lesser odds than the seven. (4 against 32 to win)
3. Craps Eleven – You bet on four numbers. A bad idea because if you win on one of these numbers, you lose at the other three.
4. Twelve or two – A payoff of 30 to 1. Risky bet because the odds are 1 against 35 to win
5. Eleven or three – A payoff of 15 to 1. (2 against 35 to win)

Before playing craps, choose from online casinos and follow the guidelines. Craps is a fun game and very exciting, and fun is guaranteed.

Money Management for Craps

craps-money-managementThis is gonna be a tough because of the subject. I wrote a 370-page “Basic Craps” book, and followed it up with a 584-page masterful book on “Advanced Craps”.

That “Advanced Craps” has everything about the game. This article will cover a lot of the money management sections from that book, but I surely can’t teach you the entire game in this work, because we’re only supposed to whet your appetite in the knowledge of craps and concentrate on the main meat of gambling, which is money management.

If you are a veteran craps player, who thinks playing the pass line with maximum odds and multiple come wagers with maximum odds is the right way to play, then be prepared to have the rug jerked from under you. I don’t believe in the pass line and certainly not the come when betting “right.”

My methods envelop the place bets, with a variety of betting moves designed to cut losses and get the player to accept small returns.

Figuring the Odds

For some reason, people seem to think the game of craps is complicated, but it ain’t. Figuring the odds may be a little tedious but to show you how simple it is let’s start with the key number 7.

That number can be made six ways: (6-1, 1-6, 2-5, 5-2, 3-4, 4-3), and every single bet at the table is based on how many ways to make the 7 vs. the other bets.

We’ll start with true odds, and what the payoff of true odds you will get, when you make a wager on the pass line. We’ll say you bet $5 and the point is 4. You take double odds behind that initial $5 pass-line bet. Just compare the number of ways your point can be made vs. the six ways of the 7.

The four can be made three ways (1-3, 3-1, 2-2). That’s three vs. six ways for the 7. That’s two to one against the four showing, so they pay you the true odds of making that number.

The shooter makes his four. You get even money $5 for your $5 pass-line bet and 2-1 odds for each of your two $5 odds bet. You get $20 for the (double odds) $10 bet.

Go down the line for each odds bet by number. We’ll say you took $10 odds behind your $5 pass-line bet.

Just like that you grasp the realization that the payoff for odds is based on the number of ways to make that number vs. the dreaded 7 (six ways).

One more example: You’re betting $10 on the pass line and take $18 odds behind the line when the 5 becomes the point. You realize the true odds are 3-2 or 6-4 against the 5 coming before the 7. The shooter makes his point. You get an even-money $10 payoff for your pass-line bet and 3-2 on your odds. You have nine $2 bets ($18 odds), so they pay you 9 x 3, which is $27 for your odds.

Simple? Of course.

I’m gonna show you some simple moves at craps that you may like. Of course you may not like them, but read them anyway. Who knows, maybe someday you’ll realize this “white man does not speak with forked tongue.”

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